Another great review just came in from the U.K.!

Big shout-out to plasticmag from the u.k. for their great review of RAW!


„As artist titles go, there are few that are as descriptively perfect as this one, the Vienna Groove Unit are exactly what it says on the tin. After a short hiatus following thousands of successful gigs across the globe, this four-piece band reconvened in Vienna in 2020.The funk and soul instrumentals provide a rhythmic masterclass, with irresistibly catchy bass and a capacity to energise every fibre of your body.
The band cleverly bring traditional 70s soul style into the 21st century in modern day Austria.
Their latest album is titled Raw and offers a six-track record of playful and downtempo pieces. Thomas Hechenberger on guitar does a fantastic job at bringing the elegant guitar riffs to life and adding dynamics to the music. Meanwhile, Christian Zielgelwaanger on drums keeps it bluesy and gets the energy flowing, forcing the urge to instantly want to have a boogie. Groovy tunes at their best!“


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