Great review from „roadie music“ magazin (brazil)

(translated from portuguese)

„Vienna Groove Unit shows perfection to the ultimate limit with its album RAW.

There are groups that come in and the fans already know that the result will be a win.

This is very much the case with the Vienna Groove Unit with their highly wonderful music that is well structured in every way.

The Vienna Groove Unit is such a magnificently perfect combo that we can say without fear that they could be part of the gallery of artists and bands of the caliber of Allan Holdsworth, Chick Corea, UK, Weather Report, Return To Forever, King Crimson, Billy Cobham, and Alphonse Mouzon, just to name a few.

Having influences from jazz, fusion, and funk, the Vienna Groove Unit presents their album, RAW, with the best that instrumental music can offer.

It is serious business here if we talk about competence, authenticity, and a lot of musical authority.

None of the tracks is weaker than the other, quite the contrary.

They are rhythmic progressions of an unusual refinement and that elevate, even more, the name of this incredible grouping.

RAW has a guitar that, in reality, multiplies itself in ten, such is the versatility to leave each one of the tracks filled and knowing how to attend the unfolding of each composition demands its presence.

The bass is absurdly versatile, sometimes going along with the music, sometimes releasing magnificent grooves that come together with what is being played, leaving no room to breathe and firing precise bass.

The organ lines are very well articulated to give a kind of „voice“ to the songs, but they also run parallel to them in a way that seems to have a separate composition within what is already done.

About the drums, what more can be said about a person who is a true human metronome keeping everything on track and, on top of that, parades beats that go over everything without leaving a hair out of place?

This album is of a geniality that cannot be described in a few lines, but admired in its fullness for being a work done by true masters of their instruments that, by joining their virtuosos skills, gave the world a work of art called RAW.“


author: Gleison Junior

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